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The Sheep in Sheep's Clothing: A Reverse Harem Orc Dark Fantasy Romance (Royal Fae Series Book 2) by Rune Hunt
Publication Date: December 9, 2022
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Freedom is earned. Right? Except for the past twenty-one years of laying low, keeping my head down, and doing what the human king of Angevin requested of me, I've received nothing. Freedom is a far cry from what he gave me, flipping everything I've come to know upside down. A mother figure betrayed me. Snatching the soft rug called freedom from underneath my feet alongside the king of all people. I've got nowhere to go, no one to trust, and with the king's reign growing by the day, his antics to snuff out the mystics from the world has become stronger, but my helping hand can only go so far from the inside of a cage. Alone and fighting against what seems like everything I've ever known, I think it's about time I earned my freedom... but could I find that freedom in the hands of the highest bidder, holding my name as a trophy? I guess there's one way to find out. The Sheep in Sheep's Clothing is a dark fantasy reverse harem novel, meaning the female main character doesn't have to choose between any of her monster men.
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