Falling Under Her Charm: A Fated Werewolf Mates Romance (Evil In Disguise Book 2 The End) by Akshata Vaidya

Vera Caerulus was once a very sick werewolf. From her eleventh birthday, her parents would take her to the basement and carry out a strange ritual for her every year. They were trying to extract her wolf and end her life!Vera thought that things would get better once she turned eighteen, but it turned out that her mate Enzo had already marked her evil sister. In return,Vera surprised him by rejecting him and then jumped off a cliff!

She was found at the river of Hildegard Pack, and there, her mates were waiting for her. The Moon Goddess had not only given her a second chance at a mate, but mates!

Did she need to make a choice between them? Or the three of them would end up being solid allies?
Let’s find out in Evil In Disguise-Vera And Her Two Mates.