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Triple Sext: A Bully Reverse Harem (The FlirtChat Series Book 2) by Sarwah Creed
Publication Date: November 1, 2022
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My dream man on campus might not be one guy, but three. I have a filthy fantasy. The all-star football player falling at my feet. I’m brought down to reality when I find life at NYU isn’t what I’ve always hoped. All the clubs I join are a bust. Not to mention my roommate turns out to be a bully. But then…I get a text. One so dirty it drives my mind and body wild. I have to respond. And as the texts get dirtier, I have to wonder…who is this guy? Or is it three guys? The messages change in tone depending on the time of day. First thing in the morning, they’re so hot they could turn steel into pools of molten metal. The ones in the afternoon are even better but just…different. And the texts in the evening are so damn dirty I can barely sleep without putting my hands between my thighs. I’m addicted and agree to meet this Casanova of the text world. But what if it is three guys? How could I ever manage all three of them at once? Author´s Note: Triple Sext is a stand-alone reverse harem with a mixture of bullying, romance, humor, and even suspense. There are multiple partner scenes, so make sure that not only is your Kindle ready, but you have a towel nearby too as you read this standalone HEA.
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