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Dreary Shadows Part Three by R.E. Bond
Publication Date: December 10, 2022
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Dreary Shadows was going to be the death of me, I could feel it.Whether it be from my enemies or my vampires, I wasn’t sure. Gunnar and Emmett were both a high risk of killing me, but the others were doing their best to keep me safe. It was difficult when half of them wanted to turn me. The witches and vampires have been hunting me down, and it’s hard to believe the truths that are coming out. Parts of my life had been a lie, and the hate I’d always felt towards my father was misplaced this whole time. I knew my mother was the devil, but this was getting out of hand. She wanted me dead, although it won’t be in the way she expected. A trusted friend betrays me, another starts to push me away, and an enemy becomes a friend. I’d need my vampires now more than ever, especially as I learn to navigate the new twists and turns in my life. Like I said, Dreary Shadows was going to be the death of me. One way or another, I wasn’t getting out of this alive. *This is a 47k book and it is part 3 out of 4. It must be read in order. This is a paranormal reverse harem series with dark themes and adult content.
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