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Where The River Meets The Sea: A Dark Paranormal Why Choose (Where Heaven Meets Hell Book 1)
Publication Date: March 31, 2023
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Have you ever wondered about Death? He saved me as a child, then ruined me as a woman. I've been scared of my own mind for the last fifteen years. Wondering if I was insane or if there really was something watching me from the shadows. Little did I know, the shadows would be a safe place.Real monsters hide behind smiles in the light of day. As much as I want to run from Death and the things he does to my body, I need him to save my best friend and stop the evil that killed me. "Death will not stop me. He will be my vengeance. My breath seized under the water, but my hate is stronger than any wave." 18+ Only. This book is a dark paranormal Menage with lots of triggers. Please read at your own discretion. A list of triggers is available on my social media.
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