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Intrepid Wings: Book 5 in the Wings of Destiny Series by M. Susan Potter
Publication Date: November 5, 2022
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Vangie, Balior, Gideon and Noah are now safely ensconced in the mountain hideout where they cannot be scried upon by the enemy and won’t endanger innocent civilians with their presence. The Vile is even more determined to kill Emma and her men regardless of innocent bystanders. Vangie and her guys have the help of two other teams to protect their charges now however, as well as the benefit of Jude’s mood stabilizing power, and they need it. Zedekiah Sage has ordered Evangeline and her team to visit Deamonia and recruit troops for the war. She hates the idea of leaving Emma even briefly and has no idea how visiting Jacob’s sister could result in troops, but they can’t refuse. New allies and enemies emerge after a startling discovery. This is a medium burn, reverse harm romance meant for mature reader with no m/m or f/f. Multiple POV. TRIGGER WARNING: There is a brief scene of attempted sexual assault on a teenaged girl.
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