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Secrets & Stoners (Omega Besties Book 1) by Suki Williams
Publication Date: October 10, 2023
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Everyone has skeletons in the closet. Mine are just a bit… crazier, than most. I’ve spent most of my adult life keeping a low profile and flying under the radar. Because my past is better off staying in the past. Now I’m living my best life in Alexandria with my three besties. We have a new place, new jobs, and for once I’m feeling optimistic where life has taken me. When I save a sassy older omega from a creeper at a bar, she thanks me by setting me up on a blind date. Though she left out the part about it being with five men. And all it takes is one amazing date to question my usual stance on keeping everyone but my besties at arm’s length. Of course, just as things seem like they could be perfect, my past comes crashing back in. Now I find myself in a world of mafia men, drugs, and the cult that just won’t let me go. Can my new pack and I find a way to lay those skeletons to rest? Or will I be forced to be the omega my parents always wanted me to be? This is a mmmfmm contemporary omegaverse series of standalones. The characters are all adults and there will be mentions of alcohol, drug use, and some violence.
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