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A World To Call Her Own : An LGBTQ reverse harem romance (Aurelia's Treasures) by L.A. Moore
Publication Date: October 19, 2022
Amazon Book Description

WILL TWO DRAGONS AND A HOARD OF MAGICAL CREATURES BE ENOUGH TO WIN OVER THE WORLD? Aurelia has already slain her three dragon hunters, decimated the ancients, defeated the order, and now she must take on the world with the help of her dragon mate and a hoard of magical beings. As soon as the message went out worldwide that the dragons were taking their place among the humans, other magical beings sprang into action and declared they too would take their place among the humans as well. Only this did not set well with the humans. Several countries have aligned themselves with what is left of the order and have vowed to end the dragons and the other magical beings at all costs. With a lone dragon hunter leading the charge, they take on Aurelia and her new army. It’s anyone’s guess who will win. Aurelia and her new army, or the humans led by the left-over hunters with a seemingly unending army all hell bent on destroying them. Will Aurelia and her family finally find peace and be able to live their lives fear free, or will the world destroy them before they ever get the chance?
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