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Knot Forever
Publication Date: July 30, 2023
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Nova is desperate for a pack of her own. Not for any old pack though – Nova wants a pack of alphas that will protect, cherish and care for her the way she needs. All she wants is to be loved. But thanks to her nightmare ex-boyfriend, every pack in town thinks she’s bad news. When a charity auction lands her in the lap of the Kings, Nova isn’t convinced, but she’ll give it her best shot. This is her last chance, or she’ll be mated to her ex-boyfriend’s pack whether she likes it or not. Asher, Marcus and Seth are well-known for their ruthless ways, and they’re determined to keep Nova at bay for the 30 days they have to spend together. No omega could possibly meet their needs, so what's the point in trying? But even three strong-willed alphas can’t stand up to an omega who knows what she wants. It's time for these Kings to meet their queen.
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