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Susix by Claire Rademaker
Publication Date: December 22, 2022
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Being abducted by aliens is terrifying. Everything after that? Pretty boring. Cece Levine didn’t believe in aliens. That is, right up until she was abducted. Life in space is not what she expected. She lives in a cage. She's left alone all the time. And the boredom is driving her insane. When a thief who is more snake than man, mistakes her for an exotic pet, Cece decides to just roll with it. Who cares if her new owners think she’s a glorified dog? She’s fed, can walk around, and is safe. This is an improvement in her opinion. Until pirates attack and Cece realizes her new owners might be more dangerous than she thought. With a Crown on the line, Vesex Forthusis will take any advantage he can to keep his Nest ahead of the rest. And alive. That might be asking too much thought. Vesex Forthusis has no desire to be the Sovereign of Susurex. He has no desire for power but he will fight to become the leader of his people if it means they will stop starving and begin thriving. All he has to do is find the Crown of Versetti, one of his people’s most valuable artifacts, and deliver it back home. Too bad it was stolen eons ago and every bloodthirsty Susix in the galaxy trying to steal it. His Nest will need all of their cunning to survive the journey. What they do not need is a stray pet running around distracting everyone. But when their ship gets ambushed, it becomes obvious that there is much more to their new pet then they originally thought. Will Cece and this misfit crew of snake men be able to work past their differences in order to survive an onslaught of aliens with murder on their minds? Author’s Note: This is a slow building reverse harem duology. There’s not much spice in this book but there are some situations that are intended for a mature audience.
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