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Numinous (Hierarch Book 2) by Ebony Olson
Publication Date: March 22, 2023
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It’s amazing how much your life can change in a few hours.Seraphina Gaelach has learned many lessons in life the hard way. As a child, she learned those born of power craved risk. That control of her reactions and emotions was pivotal to avoiding doing harm. As a young adult, Seraphina learned how freeing it could be to take that control away from her and be at the mercy of another. And how that freedom can lead to love, even if it is just for a short time. When Sebastian Maviper, the High Lord of the Alvöru, revealed his true self to Seraphina and marked her as his, Seraphina loved it. The fear was exhilarating and powerful in itself. It also terrified her beyond belief. She ran, but not far enough. Sebastian reeled her in like a fish on a hook. Seraphina is about to learn how fragile free will can be, and how age and experience can trump power. She may not be as helpless as she once was, but love has a way of crippling self-preservation. Please note: Numinous is a why-choose dark paranormal romance. The Hierarch Series has elements of the darker side of all natures, animals, and humans, which may trigger some readers. It isn’t pretty. It isn’t sweet. It sure as hell isn’t a nice romance. This series contains graphic sex (MF, MFM, FF, MFF, MFMF) and violence consistent with dark PNR fantasy worlds and is meant for mature audiences. There may be scenes that might be traumatic for some readers. You should consider the trigger warnings before choosing to read this book.
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