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A Fae's Fate: Part 1 (Fantasy & Paranormal Romance) (A Fae's Fate Series) by Abigail Grant
Publication Date: November 2, 2022
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I was just a baby, abandoned, left for dead in the Night Woods. Then, a human family found me, welcoming me into their simple lives. They raised me as their own, though I have hidden the parts of me that make me...unique. You see, I'm not a human. I'm Fae. But now, my family can't protect me. I'm once again lost in these woods, broken, alone, on the verge of death. Until the dragon comes. His shining green scales awaken my dying heart as he carries me to a world that will accept me for who I am. If only I knew who this dragon was, what he looked like in his human skin, but I haven't seen him since that day. The dragon made one mistake when he saved me. He left me on the doorstep of the worst people I've ever known. Did he know what my fate would be with these creatures? Was this his intention? A lifetime of slavery and torture... Either way, I'll find him again. Whether I thank him in that moment, or kill him, though...That's entirely up to him. Fantastical world building, Fae, shifters, and fated mates! Abigail Grant creates adventures of fantasy, epic romance and all things paranormal. Enemies to lovers readers delight! This series is not reverse harem, and is appropriate for Mature Young Adults, College age, and NA! Readers of Stephenie Meyer, Sarah J. Maas, K.F. Breene, Ilona Andrews, Kelly St. Claire, Elizabeth Briggs, Linsey Hall, and Jen L. Grey lovethisurban fantasy shifter romance!
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