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Pain Eater: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Stoneraven Alphas Book 3) by Essie Suter
Publication Date: December 1, 2022
Amazon Book Description

You can’t heal the world, Manon. Or so my guys keep telling me. Kitos told me I was his. But I don’t belong to anybody. He’s already brought Stoneraven to its knees, eating the pain and misery like it’s a tasty treat and pumping up his power while destroying everything around him. Now there’s nothing stopping him taking his control wider. We can’t let that happen, or it won’t just be one world that needs healing. Pain Eater is the final part of a paranormal romance reverse harem series, meaning that at the end our heroine will end up with a happily ever after with more than one of our guys. It features four alpha-hole heroes who would burn the world down for our heroine and a part-demon, pain-eating heroine with a big heart and an even bigger martyr complex. Also featuring scenes of a sexual nature suitable for ages 18+ and bad language.
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