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Anywhere (The Brothers of Shadow and Death Book 1) by Brooklyn Cross
Publication Date: January 15, 2023
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In a world that had fallen apart from war, factions rose from the ashes. Can the love and power of the triads keep the peace? Or will those that seek to destroy The Brothers of Shadow & Death succeed? Rook Being a part of a triad union and the next head of the Adair family was not what I wanted. The stage, bright lights, screaming fans, and my guitar were all that I needed. At least, that was what I thought until my father forced me to fly halfway across the world and met Rhys McGregor. Rhys I’d worked my entire life focused on one goal while my heart yearned for another life. Becoming a great leader of my family, a council member of the faction, and bringing together my triad was always my honor, my right, and my desire. But was it? The lines were blurred when I was humiliated on my choosing night. I was demoted and rejected by Rook Adair. Now, I was questioning every decision I’d ever made. That was until the man himself showed up at my home on my island and once more turned my world upside down. Elewyen Men are evil. At least, that was what I’d always been taught, and from what I’ve seen, that has proven to be true. Hiding in the forest with my coven, we avoided contact with the villagers and those that lived in the fancy castles at all cost. Then one night, an ache in my heart led me to a man with midnight hair and piercing blue eyes, and I was forced to question every lesson I was ever taught.
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