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The Court The Fae Forgot: A Fae Fantasy Romance by Eden Beck, Analeigh Ford, and Sabrina Thatcher
Publication Date: November 11, 2022
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The fae should have remained forgotten. For five hundred years, the fae have ruled our world—their courts twisted by a deal made with the glamour itself before it died. They’d kept to themselves, seeking the safety of shadows that protected them from the realm they’d left behind. Everyone knew to fear the fae, with or without the glamour that had bought them their power over us. Even me—and I turned out to be one of them. Sixteen gold coins was the price the fae paid for me on my eighteenth birthday. Sixteen gold coins to steal my life, and not for the first time. Twice now the fae have paid for me. The first, for my silence. The second, for my strength. My life was misery, but at least it was mine. From the moment the three gorgeous, golden-haired fae appear on my doorstep, there’s no chance of returning to the life I once knew. Not when the entire realm, fae and human alike, will soon be out for my blood. Because I, Aurra of the Eastern Court, am not a human. I’m not even just a fae. I’m a changeling, a child of the fae switched at birth by a second mother who didn’t want me. A mother who wears a crown now destined for my head. Heir apparent of this human realm, I was born to wear the crown now held captive by an imposter. I have no choice but to seek out my destiny because the alternative… The alternative is death. There’s no hiding from the fae, but more than that, there’s no hiding from the glamour. Not when it’s coming back with a vengeance that threatens to consume us all. The Court The Fae Forgot is the first of a dark new fantasy romance series with multiple love interests. The entire series is set to release between November 2022 and January 2023…so prepare to be fully immersed in faerie as the glamour, at long last, returns.
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