Warrior Hearts Academy: Phoenix Fall by Ellie Horn

Warrior Hearts Academy: Phoenix Fall by Ellie Horn

After a horrific accident stole my life, I found myself adrift.
Until one night a crazed man, if you can even call him a man, attacked me.

Who’d have thought that random event would set my new life in motion?

Because it seems I am not fully human myself. I have powers that will either grant me an amazing future—or destroy me and everyone I have grown to care about.

So I land on the doorstep of the Shades Academy, and it feels like home—a place where I belong.

The only problem is, to stay, I need to discover the power hidden within me. Not an easy thing when I’m surrounded by gorgeous men and cagey beasts. But which is which? And what will happen if I fail to embrace my talent?

The Warrior Hearts Academy Seriesmasters a blend of romance, adventure, and mystery into a fantastical read. It is a fated-mates, reverse-harem love story.
Be warned:
1. Don’t expect all sunshine and roses.
2. Book one ends on a captivating cliffhanger, but the next books aren’t far behind.
3. Suitable for mature readers only.

The trilogy will be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.