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Fated Souls: The Complete Series by Elle Lincoln
Publication Date: October 2, 2022
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Damsel in DistressI repeat, there is a... Damsel in Distress Sabina Kowalski Kindergarten Teacher, Snark Queen, and Artemis Blessed. What I think is a curse ends up as nothing more than a blessing. I know, I know who would ever consider a curse a blessing, especially when men die off because of it. Except it is and if you really want to know why then download my story. I’ll give you a hint in the form of five names. Athos, Nix, Kade, Christian, and Liam. Mates, and danger, and spice. I’ve got it all right between my pages. Including some surprise twists and an enemy that lurks just under our noses. Really I didn’t even see that one coming. It all works out so don’t toss the book across the room too soon, then you’d miss all the spice and you don’t want to miss the spice. Especially if Liam is cooking. I’ll take a triple shot of the good stuff and a double to go. Go on, join me you know you want to.
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