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Lady of Darkness: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (Darkness Duet Book 2) by Amanda Richardson
Publication Date: December 20, 2022
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They are my saviors… and my downfall. I tried to ruin the Lords before they could drag me into the depths of hell with them–and failed. Now, I’m reaping the consequences–vengeance by those same four, ruthless men who would like nothing more than to rid me from their order. Betrayal is funny that way–one proverbial knife in the back turns their cold, dead hearts even colder. Until I’m taken by one of our rivals. My rescue and the subsequent massacre that follows proves that those cold, dead hearts still beat for me–their Lady of Darkness. I can’t resist the way their bloodied hands rip me open, barging through every defense I’d ever put up over the years. They’ve awoken a monster in me. I have no choice but to step fully into my new role. And as time goes on, I have no idea if I’ve fallen for the honorable aristocrats everyone looks up to–or the vicious Lords of Darkness. Heroes may get the glory, but villains get the girl. Lady of Darkness is book two in a dark reverse harem romance duet. It is advised to read the books in order. Lady of Darkness does not end on a cliffhanger, and there is a HEA. Please note: this book is dark. You will love the heroes, and then you will hate them before you love them again. If you’re looking for villains who eventually turn good, that doesn’t happen in this book. They are the antithesis to a romantic hero in every way. Please proceed with caution. A list of triggers can be found in the author's note at the front of the book. You've been warned...
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