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Beast Tamer: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Stoneraven Alphas Book 2) by Essie Suter
Publication Date: October 15, 2022
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Gabe is alive and my life debt has been paid off, so all my problems should have been dealt with, right? Wrong. Oh, so wrong. August, my gentle berserker, is missing. The crime lord I was once indebted to doesn’t seem to have got the memo that I don’t work for him anymore. And that’s not to mention whatever the hell’s going on between myself, Nico and Cass. Nico is nice now? Or at least he’s nice to me. While Cass is still keeping his distance. Plus, now that Gabe’s back in our lives… or at least my life since he’s still slinking around in the shadows, he’s insistent on trying to tug my strings… and hold my hand wherever he can. When things in Stoneraven reach a breaking point, we’re forced to head into the Underworld. My world might have got wider, but that just means my problems are getting bigger: Monsters, poison, people trying to control their inner beasts, are just some of our new challenges to face. Lucky I’ve got more than one man at my side to help me through. Beast Tamer is part two of three of a paranormal romance reverse harem series, meaning that at the end our heroine will end up with a happily ever after with more than one of our guys. It’s a slow burn featuring alpha-hole heroes who would burn the world down for our heroine, a sweetheart berserker trying to get a handle on his beast, and a part-demon, pain-eating heroine with a big heart and an even bigger martyr complex. It also features scenes of a sexually explicit nature and bad language.
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