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Road Trip: Extended Edition: A 'Why Choose?' Romance by Addison Arrowdell
Publication Date: October 16, 2022
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Sometimes the journey is just the beginning... When Hailee’s boyfriend doesn’t come home, again, she packs up her entire life and gets in her car. A road trip to Las Vegas to stay with her sister is supposed to be a lonely journey of self reflection. Then she meets Carter. Four people. Four destinations. Four journeys. One car. Road Trip is a contemporary reverse harem with heart. Join Hailee, Carter, Linc and Jax as they trek across the country in a journey that will tear them apart and put them back together again. IN THIS EXTENDED VERSION, YOU'LL FIND FOUR NEW EPILOGUE CHAPTERS! Trigger Warnings: References of emotional abuse, mild violence, offensive language, homophobic slurs, graphic sexual content.
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