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Rise from Ruin: A Fae Realms Fantasy Romance (Guardians of the Fae Realms Book 14)
Publication Date: March 23, 2023
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Guardians of the Fae Realms: an action-packed Fae Romance series by International Bestselling Author JL Madore! The three have become the five. As crazy as it sounds, I'm bound to three sexy, bioengineered super soldiers. In a moment of battle, with blood flying and passions heightened, Link, Shift, and Flash were not only freed from their stasis, their powers engaged. I am their catalyst. I don't know what to think about that... Connor doesn't either. With Shift imprinted on him and the three of them bound and bonded with me, it's a big mess. As the pull between the five of us grows stronger, Andras Brass and his army come at us, determined that the three never reach their full potential. His first mistake was discounting them. His last mistake will be underestimating them. Rise from Ruin is book two in the fourth love story in the Guardians of the Fae Realms romance series. The heroine will end up with multiple love interests so you never have to pick a favorite. Expect sizzling situations, heart-pounding action, ongoing storylines, and lovers who find what they need from not only their queen but each other as well: med-burn, med angst, explicit sexual content, and language. Perfect for fans of Meg Xuemei, Alex Lidell, Sarah J. Maas, Laura Thalassa, C. N. Crawford, Eva Chase, Caroline Peckham, Sadie Moss, and Amelia Hutchins.
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