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Zenith (Stars Aligned Book 3) by Mazzy J. March
Publication Date: October 30, 2022
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I only ever dreamed of having one perfect mate. But now it seems I have two. Except ,I don’t know how to tell my first mate. I certainly don’t know how to tell the second, even though he has risked his life to save me over and over on our journey. Me, of all people. My previous pack had convinced me I was nothing, not worthy of life, much less a mate. When Oz showed up, I thought it was a miracle. I had a mate. He was mine, and I was his. And it was everything. Who’d ever have dreamed there was more…but I’m not sure yet if I want that more. My old pack is still after me. They said I was worthless, and yet they have expended energy and time hunting me down, never wanting me to be happy or free. Oz’s pack is warm and welcoming but I think there’s more Fate has in store for me. A lot more. Except all I want is to be left in peace with my mate Oz. And to pretend I’m not aware of how drawn I am to Nero…. Zenith is the third book in the popular Stars Aligned series by Mazzy M. March. It is a reverse harem post-apocalyptic series with one new fated added to our heroine’s life in each story. If you like RH with enough time for each mate to get to know and love the heroine, a world where survival is not guaranteed, and a heroine with enough fire to see to it that her people do make it through…and who may hold the key to it all, one-click Zenith today!
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