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Black Onyx (Black Onyx Academy) Book 1 by Nikita Parmenter
Publication Date: October 9, 2022
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** Set in the fae realm, this is written in British English ** The fae realm is notoriously dangerous, whereas most supernaturals don’t get thrown into the more dangerous side of fae life until they’re twenty-five thanks to her tyrant father, Farren’s been dealing with it since she was sixteen, brutally trained and punished; she knows her way around a blade. Thanks to an incident that she very nearly didn’t survive, reprieve comes in the form of Black Onyx academy, which is used to train warriors and enforcers; it should be the break from her father that she needs. Of course, life is never that simple put into a fated team that thinks she’s nothing more than a spoiled princess who got in using daddy’s money. She’s underestimated at every turn. Throw in assassination attempts, moody shadow casters, a blast from the past that has surprising connections and confusing feelings for her teammates, and nothing is as it appears. Life’s about to get a whole lot more complicated. This is a slow-burn paranormal Reverse Harem. Set in the same world as the Lost ones series, it will crossover with Sage and her men at some point but can be read separately! Warnings: Please be advised that this book contains dark themes, including abuse, graphic violence, flashbacks to past abuse and cursing. Additionally, sexual themes suitable for mature audiences 18+. All sex is consensual.
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