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These Wicked Truths (These Wicked Lies Book 2)
Publication Date: March 23, 2023
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Perfect for fans of Scarlett St. Clair and Raven Kennedy, These Wicked Truths is book two in a twisty NA fantasy romance series filled with unique magic, emotional twists, and a poly MFM romance. After a single life-altering recollection, Astrid flees Hakran. She wants nothing more than to put space between her and the men who continuously upend her life, even if it means halting the search for her memories and forsaking her friendships. But when she gets word that Stellaris has been attacked and that Lex and Dash are working together—albeit reluctantly—she decides it’s time to face her faults. Together, the trio embark on a tense journey to Stellaris to discover who is behind the provocation, while simultaneously learning how the incident relates to Astrid’s missing memories and the late Goddess of Deception’s motivations. Astrid must figure out how to navigate these wicked truths, while torn between her two identities and the two men taking up space in her heart. Note: These Wicked Truths is a #whychoose fantasy-romance intended for mature audiences. Reader discretion is advised. Trigger warnings include, but are not limited to: violence, murder, references to past abuse, sexual content, and more. This is book 2 of a trilogy that must be read in order.
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