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Dragon Curse (Blood Curse Book 3) by Autumn Gray
Publication Date: September 30, 2023
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Supernatural hunks and dangerous secrets—just another day in my not-so-ordinary academy life. School is going to be a fun ride this semester, especially with everyone holding onto secrets and I've a few of my own. Welcome back to the mystifying halls of Demonbane Academy, where I'm struggling to fit in, but I’m caught in a whirlwind of secrets, desires, and a relentless search for finding out how to access my magic. As I navigate the tangled web of relationships with my captivating supernatural suitors—Matthis, a darkly tempting demon; Ashton, a brooding and irresistible vampire; David, a powerful mage and enigmatic dragon shifter; and Darren, a mesmerizing mage who has been my crush but has never given me the time of day—I must also grapple with my own hidden truths. Unraveling the threads of my past, I discover a destiny that will change not just my life, but the fate of the entire academy. In the shadows of this ancient school, powerful forces are at play. Old enemies are closing in, forcing me to trust my enigmatic lovers more than ever. But will their loyalty be enough to protect me, or will their own secrets push me further away? Can I unlock the secrets that bind me to this enchanted academy, or will my own hidden truth be the key that tears my world apart? Get ready for a semester unlike any other at the Demonbane Academy, where the stakes are higher, the love is stronger, and the mysteries are more dangerous than ever before. With my heart torn between Matthis, Ashton, David, and Darren, I'll need to confront my feelings and unravel the secrets that bind us all. And the war between demons and witches clashes with everything I’ve been taught and everything my heart yearns for. In this bewitching reverse harem academy tale, loyalties will be tested, passion will ignite, and the fight for acceptance will be more intense than ever. Prepare to be captivated by a story where love, danger, and the tantalizing unknown will keep you on the edge of your seat. Scroll up and order Dragon Curse, Book 3 in the Blood Curse series.
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