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Saving Symphony : Contemporary Reverse Harem (Harmonized in Hiding Book 2) by Ashley Amy
Publication Date: September 13, 2022
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Book SummaryAn endless loop played inside of my mind, but it wasn’t from the haunting music Bently forced me to hear. This one consisted of the troubling outcome dealing with my future. Anxiety crippled those of us who were trying to find a healthy path after such a toxic and damaging past. How was I supposed to figure out how to walk this journey for healing when I carried his child? With that positive pregnancy test hanging over my head, it felt like a new ticking time bomb over my head. With too much on my plate, there was more that piled up. But those things didn’t feel so dooming, not when it involved the touch of the three men who saw me as more than just a runaway with PTSD. My heart began strumming more than one string, and it never wanted to stop living in the harmony they provided. But no past could stay buried forever, not with how sick the man that was hunting me down. What would happen when the division between my past and present collided? I was about to find out whether I liked it or not.
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