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Sunshine (Cosmic Bonds) by Mira Kane
Publication Date: October 8, 2023
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Always the Bridesmaid Being a beta in a family of mostly alphas and omegas made me uniquely prepared to take over event planning for Cosmic Bonds, the family business. Coordinating corporate retreats, pack counseling, and of course, helping people find their pack through our cutting-edge computer software and eerily accurate tarot readings was a full-time job. Business was booming, which meant asking Pack Kahele, one of our caterers, to consider a more permanent arrangement. The only problem with that was my crush on Pack Kahele was well known in my family and guaranteed to get worse the more time I spent around them. Never the Bride I didn’t have time for a crush, even if the pack made my head spin. Logan, a grumpy alpha chef, Nico, an alpha lawyer workaholic, and Julian, their omega who flirted with me like it was his job were on my strict look don’t touch list. I tried to fit into a pack before, and it ended with me picking up all the broken pieces. I was just a beta, after all, the third wheel of the designations. If I longed to be picked first, for just once in my life, that was too bad. Pack Kahele was heartbreak waiting to happen. If only I could get my heart—and libido—to agree. Because the more time I spent around the pack the more I dreamed of a world where betas had an essential function to a pack and they needed me as much I was coming to need them. * * * Cosmic Bonds: Sunshine is a contemporary sweet omegaverse. It’s part of series of standalone that can be enjoyed on it's own, but you'll notice favorite characters making appearances throughout the series. *This novel contains MM, the grumpy one is soft for the sunshine one, and many references to junk food. The author is not responsible for the increase to your waistline or libido.
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