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Shrine of Spirits (Omega Sanctuary) by Mira Kane
Publication Date: October 6, 2023
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I was the omega that broke the world Born with rare magic, a spirit used that to their advantage to whisper in my ear about a better life for people like me. The Omega Sanctuary failed to help, instead telling me I couldn’t bond the only alpha who caught my interest. No one could fix it, so I took matters into my own hands and severed the connection between the Shrines. It took another omega with the same debilitating spirit magic to find another way. If we bonded the Shrines with a spirit guide, the flow of magic could be controlled, a compromise that protected everyone. But the influx of spirit magic released an ancient spirit, Hella Mora, from her prison. Threatening to control the mortal realm with her undying rage and grief, all our efforts to stop her have failed. If I had any hope of putting Hella Mora back in her prison, I’ll have to join forces with one of the most dangerous packs. A bitter and jaded prince who’s lips taste like sin. A sweet but broken scholar. And finally the beta I kept reminding myself was just a mercenary, nothing more. I was all too familiar with their need to tear down the system that took everything away from them. Temptation incarnate, if I listened to their whispers, I would never prove for once and all I had done everything for the sake of other omegas. It almost killed me to deny myself the first time. I didn’t think I was strong enough to deny an entire pack who saw me for who I really was. I was the omega that broke the world. But first the world broke me. Shrine of Spirits is a fantasy non-shifter sweet romance. It’s a standalone novel following the events of Omega Sanctuary. Yvenna and her pack are guaranteed an HEA in this book. Content: contains MM, knotting, nesting, and too many references to cake. Author isn’t responsible for increase in your waistline or libido
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