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Shrine of Ice (Omega Sanctuary) by Mira Kane
Publication Date: October 6, 2023
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I’ve always been too much
Ever since I was little, the world was too loud, too big. Born with spirit magic in a world where it was drying up, I spent most of my life in the Omega Sanctuary.

I was supposed to bond a large pack to help me carry the burden, but only one alpha ever made me feel safe from the static of the world. We bonded, and if sometimes I worried I was dragging him down with me, who I to complain? I agreed to become a Shrine Priestess and thought my life would be one lived in quiet solitude.

A dangerous path

Until the connection between the spirit world and the mortal realm broke, and my beloved Shrine attacked. Magic rises, and with it, Hella Mora, an ancient spirit sealed away by mortals and spirits alike for fear of being overrun on a tide of grief and rage.

I’ll have to learn how to open myself up enough to bond to a Shrine and accept a larger pack. A pair mischievous wolf spirits follow my every step, and the older delta I’ve pined over for years might finally be noticing me, but none of that matters if I can’t open up enough to allow the bonds to form.

I’ve always been too much, but now I worry I won’t be enough when it matters the most.

Shrine of Ice is a fantasy non-shifter sweet omegaverse romance. It’s a standalone novel following the events of Omega Sanctuary. Ayla and her pack are guaranteed an HEA in this book.

Content: contains MM, knotting, nesting, and too many references to cake. Author isn’t responsible for increase in your waistline or libido

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