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Luna (Cosmic Bonds) by Mira Kane
Publication Date: August 18, 2023
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What Happened In Vegas… My entire life, I’ve been too sensitive. Loud noises and strong smells could set off a panic attack quicker than the idea of public speaking. I helped run the family matchmaking business, Cosmic Bonds, from the shadows. I longed for the magic of a whirlwind romance, the surety that my pack would see me for who I was. Reality hadn’t been so kind, and my last pack decided I was too much. Tired of living in the shadows, I allowed myself to explore my deepest fantasies on solo trip to Vegas. Colton, a sexy cowboy alpha and his nerdy beta bondmate Quinn, along with Dante Trent, my celebrity-crush illusionist would have made an odd pack, but we all agreed it would just be a hot weekend fling, no strings attached. It didn’t matter that Quinn understood my need for quiet, Colton smelled like a safe harbor, and my celebrity crush on Dante was starting to feel all too real. It was just one weekend. None of us were interested in being a pack. …Should have Stayed in Vegas Two months later, I couldn’t deny it anymore. I was pregnant, out of heat, something that only happened point one percent of all omega pregnancies. Overjoyed and worried, my family assures me they’ll help me. But my hormones and more importantly, my heart, crave my men. It was supposed to be a fling, nothing more. But the longer I spend with my fantasy pack, the more I want to make it a reality. But how can I trust anything my hormones, or my heart, says, especially when I was so wrong before? * * * Welcome to Cosmic Bonds where your perfect pack is just a tarot reading away! Cosmic Bonds: Luna is a contemporary sweet omegaverse. It’s part of series of standalone that can be enjoyed on it's own, but you'll notice favorite characters making appearances throughout the series. *This novel contains MM, surprise pregnancy, nerdy betas, sexy cowboy alphas, and many references to junk food. The author is not responsible for the increase to your waistline or libido.
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