I’m Knot An Omega!: A Paranormal, Shifter Omegaverse Romance (Beauties and Beasts Book 1) by Evie Ellis

An imperfect princess, an exiled dragon prince and a monstrous wolf shifter.Can it ever work?

I spent my life posing as the perfect daughter, but I knew I lacked. People constantly compared me to my mother, and it was inevitable I would want to do things differently from her. And that included choosing my pack.

Or, as my mother called them, knights. I liked to call them bodyguards with benefits. Regardless, time was running out. For I’m Princess Aria, heir to the magical kingdom. Unfortunately, attached to that title was a dire warning.

Do not fall for the other supernaturals.

But I had.

Fae, to be exact. Oh, and there was a human I saw when I was dancing. Ahem… my little sideline to help others.

But everything changed when these two men said I was their omega. That they scented me as their mate. Because it turned out the human wasn’t what he first appeared—he was a massive dragon shifter. Meaning I’d now fallen for two forbidden men.

Back to my omega problem, because I didn’t know what they were talking about. Only shifters revealed as alpha, beta, or omegas. Magical folk were more like humans, and we never had a big revelation.

But, I let the men into my life, getting to know them and developing feelings. Until it got harder, not only because my secret life unravelled but also because they both had enormous egos, and sharing me was not an option. They were making me choose.

The trouble was, how did I choose one? Or did I? Was it easier to not choose and listen to my parents and pick my magical knights?

Or could I find a way for both men to accept we were a pack?

I am not an Omega, is a standalone paranormal shifter menage. This is a whychoose romance with a HEA. It’s recommended for readers 18+ because of the language and steamy scenes.