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Stray: An Omegaverse Romance (Darling Girl Book 1) by Lucy Auburn
Publication Date: October 31, 2022
Amazon Book Description

I came to Verdant Falls to die. Instead I was given a new life I never asked for—along with power I can't control. Spirits want to possess and control me. Growly alphas want to claim me as their own. All I want? To stay out of danger and figure out how to use my power. The werewolves that live near my Aunt Clara's ranch have different plans. You see, I came here to die from terminal ovarian cancer. Now I've been turned into a Lumos—a powerful omega whose light shines brightly. Too brightly. The power inside me attracts darkness every time it erupts. Thankfully sweet, calm Noah is here to show me how to be an omega. His scent calms me. Other scents... do something new. Alphas Roman and August intrigue and arouse me. I want them—and they want me back. But a dark curse that has claimed Roman's pack keeps us apart. I need to harness my power and make a choice between alphas. Or the entire world will fall when darkness possesses my reborn body. Stray is a 90,000 word sweet omegaverse romance with werewolves, darkness, and paranormal threats. It is part of a trilogy that will end in an HEA.
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