Saved by My Stepbrothers: Family Confessions by Angel Lawson

Who killed Olivia Davenport? 
After years of being on the run, Kate Stevenson knows the only way to save her stepbrothers and their friends from a life of hunting, is to solve the crime that consumes them. 

Using her investigative skills, Kate digs into the past, uncovering secrets and truths about the Davenport family that may destroy them. There’s a darkness that follows the women at Davenport Manor and the closer she gets to solving the crime, the more danger she puts herself in.

But danger isn’t unfamiliar to Kate. She feels the thrum of it in her blood, the taste of it on her tongue, and the men in her life have trained her to take care of herself.

How far will she go to solve this murder? And will the five of them survive the outcome? 

Saved by my Stepbrothers is book three in the Family Confessions a dark, whychoose, romance by Angel Lawson & AK Rose.