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The Divines (Willow Grove Academy Book 1) by LE Swift
Publication Date: September 30, 2022
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Halley, run and don’t look back. The last words my mother ever spoke to me and the words I’ve lived by ever since. Constantly moving from city to city, I made sure to stay hidden from the unknown threat that ripped my world apart. I had no intention of changing my ways. That is until a strange man finds me on my twentieth birthday and tells me I’m a Divine, a supernatural race that died off centuries ago. Thrown into a world I didn’t know existed; I begin to search for the answers to the secrets that decorate my past. With the help of my four infuriatingly handsome tutors, I begin to unravel the truth behind my mom’s death, the threat that still haunts me, and the key to my powers. But with every answer, another secret falls into my lap, making me question: should I stay or run? This book is intended for those 18+ and older due to sexual content, vulgar language, violence and other mature content. This series is a college aged reverse harem meaning the main character will not have to choose between the love interests.
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