Her Dino Destiny by Candace Wondrak

Welcome to Nevere Isle, where the guys are hot, animal instincts take over, and dinosaurs rule.

Wait, what?

I hoped to spend my last summer before college hanging out with my boy-crazy best friend, but then something insane happens—I get kidnapped by a cute guy who says I belong with him.

Strange, right? I thought so, but when he brings me to Nevere Isle, something awakens inside of me. The truth about what I am. I’m not human. Not really. I’m something else.

An omega.

I don’t care what that means, and I definitely don’t care that a pair of hot twin alphas and a ridiculously sarcastic beta insist I should stay with them as their—gag me—mate. I want to go home. All I have to do is survive thirty days with these guys, and then I get to leave. Should be easy.

Except it’s not, and as the days go by, I start to wonder what life would be like if I stayed. Would submitting really be so bad?

This place, these guys… they might just be my destiny.

*Her Dino Destiny is a standalone RH/Why Choose romance—meaning our leading lady will end up with more than one mate. This is a shifting omegaverse novel. Expect swearing and steam.*