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Fractured: Brookview Academy (book 3) by A.J. Moran
Publication Date: December 2, 2022
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Waking up with no memories of who I was only to realize I had lost everything, was almost more than I could bare. I didn't even know if Alexander and Tristan survived or if the others made it out of that church alive. I was a tool that the Secret Society and the Council wanted to use for their dirty work. They thought they could brainwash and drug me to use as they pleased. But I was done being an instrument in their war. Embracing my reaper abilities was my only way out. My only focus became making it back to my men and taking down the corrupt figures in power. Could I help my guys remember me? Or would I be fighting the war alone? How deep did the corruption go? One thing was for certain, they were all going to hell and I would be the one to deliver them. They would regret the day they took my whole world from me.
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