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Kindled Souls: The Beauty Of Imperfection
Publication Date: March 25, 2023
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Fate is merciless. Grace Millington didn’t want to face her fears. But nothing could stop the force of your soulmate slamming into your chest, igniting the very life back into you. But life isn’t easy or simple. Not only had fate granted Grace with one circle member but another appeared, tilting Grace’s world off its axis and plunging her into the raging blizzard of secrets, lies and hidden truths. Grace could ride it out, but how could she, when the very bond connecting them could be in danger. Instead of hiding from destiny, it’s now Grace’s time to step up and towards the storm head on. It was time to face her soulmates. One, avoiding her while wrapped up tight in ice that she can’t even penetrate. Two, lying to her while the once familiar blazing inferno flickers down to a kindled flame. What is Grace’s circle hiding? Lucas Apollo Moore is broken. From such a young age he had dreamed on finding his circle members. He lived in those fantasies, that dream of a family. For them to come along, fix everything and live that perfect life he always pictured. But nothing has been fixed. He can still feel the taint inside him, gripping and pulling him under. He should feel happy, better even, but still that dark voice is saying otherwise. Lucas would do anything for his circle even if that meant being caught in a noose of tangled web lies of his own making. Burns continue to sting long after the flames are extinguished. Kindled Souls is the Second book of the Five book series that will have the heroine find her soulmates throughout. This is a slow/medium burn reverse harem/ poly novel intended for readers aged 18 years and over. MM scenes inside, along with drug references and use along with violence.
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