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Psychotic (Chaos Magic Book 1) by Elle Lincoln
Publication Date: October 31, 2022
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Something Psychotic this way comes.
Pepper O’Malley
Jill of all trades, hedonist, and dark witch.

Adrenaline tastes better with a little blood and sweat. At least, that is what I tell myself after an undercover job goes awry and I get fired by my friend. He’s lucky I love him and see right through his command to keep me safe.
Nowhere else to go and in need of cash. I finally head home, where my childhood best friends left me the keys to the bar. They hoped one day I’d open the corner pub back up and make it my own.

Keys in hand, I open the bar with a little magical help and end up knee-deep in immortal drama. That fine print will get you every single time. Turns out they didn’t just leave me their bar but their mantle of peacekeeper for the city of Philadelphia. Now I’m slinging cocktails and giving that coveted bartender advice. It’s an unsuspected gig, but it feels right.

Until dead bodies start turning up, terror frozen on their faces, and their bodies nothing but dried-up husks.

Everything I’ve learned is about to get put to the test, and when a few strays stumble my way, saying they want to help, I know better than to accept. Only I’m out of my league and very mortal. For now, I need to accept their help.

The stakes have never been higher.

Psychotic is Book 1 in a 5 Book seriesfull of magic, chaos and one witch who refuses to choose between all the demons vying for her attention.

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