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Pack of Freaks: (Blood Moon Bonds Book 1) by Miss Renae
Publication Date: October 22, 2022
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Welcome to Blood Moon Academy, your attendance is mandatory. My name is Rain Elara I just got my welcome letter for Blood Moon Academy, where I’ll be attending the next three years. I’m being forced into a bond to protect someone I love. Attending the academy just might give me the freedom to choose my own fate. I have secrets of my own that could get those I love killed. I’m an omega shifter with powers I don’t fully understand. The council's power is corrupt, full of secrets and betrayal. The factions are divided, and my life it’s caught between all three. Freedom might cost me, but I’m risking it all to find answers and keep those I love safe. Trigger Warnings: Child Kidn@ping, Self H@rm, Attempted R@pe (from outside the harem), De@th
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