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Fearless as an Eagle (Society of Shifters)
Publication Date: March 3, 2023
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A freak snowstorm brings me face to face with my destiny. I’ve dreamed about what it would be like to meet my fated mates- the men that were created just for me- since I was a little girl. Out of the countless ways I imagined meeting them, not once did I think we would already be tied together in such a way that it might actually keep us apart. Riley, the adorable rabbit shifter that I can’t help but want to cuddle up with. Mason, the passionate beaver shifter that can’t seem to keep his hands to himself. And Bennett, the grumpy bear shifter who’s hiding a heart of gold under that prickly exterior. But the three men trapped in my cabin with me… The men that make me feel things I never thought I’d feel… They’re my brother’s best friends. They say he’ll understand. That he’ll be happy for us. But what if this is the one thing he can’t get over? What if I have to choose? My brother or my mates? Can I be fearless as an eagle and risk my heart? Or will I chicken out and run from them all? Welcome to the Society of Shifters, where every person you meet has an animalistic secret. Enter a world of unusual shifters, steamy romance, and laugh-out-loud characters who embody the personalities of their shifted forms. Warning: These novels contain drool-worthy heroes, a variety of different shifters, and scenes that will have you questioning your ability to control your poker face in public. We strongly suggest you intake liquid at your own risk while reading these books, as we understand snorting with laughter while drinking anything can have disastrous effects. Our goal is to have you ROFL. A clean floor, but of course, we won’t judge your decisions. Ruthless as a Cheetah by Katie May, November 18, 2022 Venomous as a Snake by MF Adele, December 2, 2022 Strong as a Horse by Jarica James, December 16, 2022 Solitary as a Red Panda by Jenn D. Young, January 6, 2023 Sleek as a Panther by Elle Middaugh, January 20, 2023 Stealthy as a Wolf by Stacey Brutger, February 3, 2023 Clever as a Fox by L.J. Swallow, February 17, 2023 Fearless as an Eagle by Scarlett Philips, March 3, 2023 Sleepy as a Koala by T.S. Snow, March 17, 2023 Society of Shifters is a shared world universe crafted by a collection of USA Today and international bestselling authors. You may read this series in any order.
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