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Pack Queen: A Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance (Shifters of Crescent City) by Zelda Knight
Publication Date: February 28, 2023
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My name is Charity Johnson, a reporter specializing in shifter activism. And yesterday, I left my boring desk job for the most important mission of my life. I work in Crescent City, a border town that separates the human world from the shifter nation. Here, humans with an affinity for magic alongside other paranormal beings, police the border between worlds. I was a paper pusher with no special powers or dormant magical lineage to speak off. Until recently, that is. When Crescent City Shifter Control (CCSC) catches wind of a dangerous and illegal breeding program, I’m sent deep undercover to get the scoop. There I meet three alpha shifters—Maahes, a lion smuggler, Rajesh, a tiger assassin, and Omar, a hybrid frostwolf. They, like many others, were tricked by a shadowy organization with one goal in mind: breed a new race of super shifters or die trying. Our connection is instant, our situation perilous, and before I know it, I go from an ordinary woman to this patchwork pack’s queen. And this mama bear won’t stop until we’re all free. Pack Queen (Shifters of Crescent City, Book One) is a standalone reverse harem curvy girl omegaverse shifter romance set in the same world as Lycans of Luna Cove and spin-off series.
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