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Bound by Desire (Black Moon Alphas Trilogy Book 2) by Belladonna Vixen
Publication Date: September 16, 2022
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With the knew knowledge that the Lycan race is dying and she alone holds the key to saving their race, Lilith must navigate the harsh politics of the Lycan clans and decide how she will help save the people who despise her. Caught in the middle of two opposing forces, Lilith discovers those who she thought were allies are no better than her enemies and the lies go deeper than she ever knew. Lilith struggles to follow her brothers dying wish as she discovers those in power will stop at nothing to keep what they feel is their right and her past is not what she was led to believe. Through it all, her men struggle to maintain the strength of the pack and battle their own demons as new secrets uncovered threatens to destroy everything they have built... This is the second book in the Black Moon Alpha series. Please check my author website for content warnings -
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