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Saved by Wolves: A Bound to the Fae Novel by Eva Chase
Publication Date: September 28, 2022
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My fated mate rejected me... and I tried to murder the woman he loves. When my fated mate turned his back on me, my pain pushed me to a desperate act of violence. Years later, I'm left with only shame, a bond that's faded to nothing, and the disdain of the raven shifter flock I was meant to rule. All I want is a chance at a new life. So I fly from my wintery home to the realm of the wolf-shifting summer fae, where no one will recognize my name. I never expect a random attack to bring three pack-less wolves racing to my rescue. Determined to protect and pamper me, they won't let me out of their sight. But even as my saviors' fierce ways wear down the walls around my heart, I can't give in to hope. If they knew what I've done, they'd never look at me with affection again. Then I stumble on a chance to make amends for my past crimes—by putting everything I still care about on the line. Can a woman who played the villain earn the love of three heroic men, or will this gamble bring my final downfall? *Saved by Wolves is a standalone fantasy romance with a rejected heroine and three hot wolf-shifter fae men who help heal her wounds, set in the Bound to the Fae world.*
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