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Fangs (Prodigium Academy Book 4) by Katie May
Publication Date: August 26, 2022
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So, here's the deal. I got locked up for a crime I totally committed. Yup. Your girl stabbed a ho...or four. Stabbed, maimed, ate, slaughtered. You get the picture. Not what you expected to hear from me, huh? But everything changes when I'm broken out of Prodigium Academy by the exact man I've been trying to hide from: Lucifer. Aka, my sperm donor. Aka, the man who tried to kill me as a baby. Fun times, right? With a few simple words, everything changes. I no longer know who I can trust or who will simply stab me in the back the second I turn away. The only people I know I can rely on are my mates. Vin Van Helsing, a fierce vampire hunter. Frankie, one of Frankenstein's experiments. Mason, Medusa's cocky and arrogant son. Jack and Hux, two souls trapped in the same body. Cal, the sexy and self-centered cupid. And even Barret, the sweet, loveable boogeyman. And maybe, just maybe, Dimitri Gray, the headmaster of Prodigium Academy and a feared assassin who definitely knows how to use that sword of his. Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge. Add in to the mix a snarly necromancer, a sadistic Irish asshole hijacking my mate's body, and a bloody custody battle, I'm in way over my head. One thing remains clear. A war is on the horizon, and I can either run and hide...or I can stick my fangs in the necks of my enemies. What's a girl-slash-demon-slash-goddess-slash-not-a-vampire to do? Fangs is book four of a five book horror comedy series where the FMC won't have to choose between love interests at the end. This book contains strong language, sexual situations, and graphic violence. Our main female, Violet, is crude, crass, and always willing to speak her mind...even if you don't want her to. And our monsters? They're dangerous, psychotic, loveable, sweet, and everything in between. Why write one man when you can write five...or seven...or ten...or more?
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