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Ghost Eyes: The Empires of Terra by Viktoria Laudo
Publication Date: August 16, 2022
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The Empires of Terra have been on the brink of war for hundreds of years. Rebellions like Rebirth have formed against the Hellchinit demon overlords who wreak havoc on those who oppose them or block their path from what they truly want. Laananite. The search for a crystal that fuels their power is endless, but they are searching for something else...a Ghost Eyed. Hunted for their abilities to see into the lands of the dead and the living, but they're prized for their ability to detect Laananite. Leila is a naiad working in a brothel in the capital city of Anemoi. At first she seems like your everyday nymph, but that's all a façade. She's a Ghost Eyed. But even with the looming dangers of war, she has more pressing matters. Now that she is of age and her training is over, her virginity will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. When she catches a demon's eye the night before a festival begins, she knows she's in trouble. Not only will Rebirth fail if he catches wind of it, but her life and all of Terra could be in danger if he figures out her secret. Excerpt: The demon chuckled, shaking his head as he allowed himself to be pulled towards the loveseat. “Are you sure you are the same fiery girl from last night?” Leila swiftly pushed him onto the cushions as if answering his question. Straddling him with a mischievous smile, she allowed her dress shift higher up her thigh, signaling the start of her seductive, undulating dance above him. His shocked expression soon darkened into lust with a twinkle of amusement as he grabbed her hips, fingers searing her skin.“You never told me your name, little rabbit.” His husky voice caressed her ears. Biting her lip, Leila leaned in, lips teasing his ear, “That’s because you never asked.” IMPORTANT: This book is intended for adults 18+ who can handle a slow burn reverse harem involving one woman and multiple partners, male and female. There are highly sexual and violent scenes. If you are not comfortable reading, please do not go any further.
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