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Shifter's Prize: Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance Series Collection (Shifter Collections) by Casey Morgan
Publication Date: August 16, 2022
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Includes a NEW book, Lavender in the Hollow!I'm supposed to be the prize for three hot shifters.
But did I win too... or will we all lose out?

I knew Love's Hollow might have the cure to my medical problems.
But I didn't know I'd also find love and excitement here.
I have to sell myself at an auction to raise money for my treatment.
The three wolf shifters who buy me say they feel lucky.
They want to share my curves between them.
Since they're so hot and exciting, I figure it's win/win for all of us.
But will I lose my happiness... and my health... by falling for them?
Or do they feel the same thing I do?
It turns out each of them seem to think I'm their fated mate.
Yet how could that be true when there are three altogether?
And none of them are the type to share for good.

My body was sold to the highest bidders.
But now all of our hearts are on the line.

This HUGE collection contains the following reverse harem or menage paranormal/fantasy romance books: Possessed by their Powers, Captured by their Claws, Indebted to their Instincts, Procured by the Predators, Spotted by the Shifters, Craved by the Creatures, Saved by the Shifters, Taken By The Twins, Serving The Shifters, Haunted in the Hollows, Witch's Trial, Full Moon Trial, Ghost Trial, Vampire Trial, Final Trial, Rose's Bud, Rose's Bloom, Rose's Thorn, Rose's Blossom and the brand new, never before published, exclusive to this box set book Lavender in the Hollow.

That's TWENTY (20) books in one box set! The books have no cliffhangers, no cheating, lots of steam and a happily ever after for everyone involved, with plenty of MFMM action and romance but no male/male action or romance (swords don't cross), all for your continued reading pleasure. Enjoy!

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