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Goetia Academy: A Wisp of Magic by Emily James Taylor
Publication Date: August 15, 2022
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Why? Seriously, why did Tabitha take the oracle? My third year in college should have started off better than this. Being a Clearwater has always made me a social outcast, but Tabitha never cared. Still, here I am standing in front of Goetia Academy alone, needing answers, with no one to turn to but Ehan. Ehan, the very oracle whose prophecy set Tabitha off. Even if he was the last person in the world, he still wouldn't come within ten feet of me. And after this summer I really don't blame him. There's a reason the name Clearwater is hated. The magic that calls to my family is hard to escape once it's allowed to take hold. It's a line I've been told not to cross all my life. And yet, that's exactly what I plan to do. Time to get the answers I'm desperately needing, no matter the consequences. An RH PNR Academy Story set in the same universe as A Sprinkling of Fae.
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