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Four to Score: A Reverse Harem Romance by Vivian K. West
Publication Date: August 25, 2022
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Emma's rule? No dating hockey players. And definitely not THREE of them. To say Emma Richards is gunshy about dating is an understatement. Since her pro hockey-player fiance dumped her after a gruesome car accident that killed her father and left her scarred—emotionally and physically—she hasn't been with anyone. She's still too self-conscious—and people's stares and comments don't help. She's just been hired as the Assistant Physical Therapist for the Gunners pro hockey team, and she needs to focus on her career...not all the hot hockey players she's constantly around. But none of them spark anything in her until goaltender Lance “Dragon” Nilsson, who's recovering from an injury that could keep him off the ice next season. As #1 goalie in the League, and with the Gunners coming off a Stanley Cup win, they need Lance in tip-top shape. But how could someone who's part of the Fearsome Threesome, who's used to having the most beautiful women in the world, ever notice her?
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