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Angela's Pack (The Sacred Order Book 2) by Maria Warren
Publication Date: September 1, 2022
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They've told me I'm an angel and valuable, but I know the truth. I'm nothing but a filthy demon that has a hunger that will never be satisfied. I've been kidnapped and held hostage by a pack of psychic werewolves. They claim it's for a supernatural auction and that I'm the star of the show, but not all of them are willing to part so easily with me. And the ones who aren't? Let's just say I have ways of swaying them to my side. The only thing I didn't count on was falling for the pack. I thought I understood the moves I was making, but I was so very wrong. The wolves that I thought I needed to survive this? They aren't the worst of my troubles, the Sacred Order is and they'll stop at nothing until I'm under their control. They thought they could take me, but I'll be the one to tame this wild pack 18+ content inside intended for a mature audience. Things get spicy. A multiple mates book
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