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Lying Lyrics: Contemporary Reverse Harem (Harmonized in Hiding Book 1) by Ashley Amy
Publication Date: August 11, 2022
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There was nothing quite like having that certain itch to watch over your shoulder. A waiting time bomb that could go off at any random minute because he could find me. He, the man that ruined my life with his charming smiles and thoughtful gifts.Bently Baker, the most known popstar in recent years, was the misery of my existence. To the world, he was a breath of fresh air. To me, he was the cinching anxiety swarming my lungs. After two years of his abuse, I finally worked up the nerve to escape. Going somewhere remote would be my best option to lay low and let him forget me. Deep down, I knew he’d never stop looking for me because his egotistical urge to win was too great. His obsession with controlling me would lead as his general on this path of war, so I’d have to live a simple life with few people around me to know who stood in my shadow. Small towns were rumored for romance, but I vowed to steer clear of that forever… until a lost little girl leads me to three men who make my heart thrum a little faster than I’d like. With the promise of food and shelter in exchange for nannying, how could I refuse when I didn’t have a dollar to my name? WARNING: This story contains domestic violence and PTSD in the present. If you are triggered by descriptive DV scenes but would still like to read Gemma’s journey, skip chapter two. Her journey will have flashbacks and triggers throughout the book.
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